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Parents' Testimonials

I have been using Reg Palmer’s Tutoring for the past twelve months for my daughter who is struggling in Year 8 Maths. Over this period of time, not only has her understanding and ability to process information improved dramatically, but her self-confidence and self-esteem have also shown remarkable improvement. Her teachers at school are amazed at the difference and all of her school work has improved. I would highly recommend Reg and his team. They are not only qualified, competent educators, but caring individuals who have the ability to make a difference to your child’s learning.

Wendy Woodward

Reg Palmer has been tutoring my son for approximately 18 months. He has built a great rapport with my son, aged 10, who has amazing successes and achievements. Hayden couldn’t read, spell or write when he started with Reg. He can now do all three and has improved many year levels.

Michelle Jacob

Thanks to Reg Palmer, my 10 year old daughter is confident and high above her age level in Mathematics. He has created a more confident Mathematician in my daughter, and she is now doing Year 6 Maths and enjoying it.

Ngari Wood

Adelaide Hills Education Centre has been instrumental in establishing good learning techniques for my children. This was the only Professional Tutoring Centre that acted on the National School Testing Data—for a very positive outcome for my children in both Primary and Secondary School.
Good work and Thank you,

Jane Hourigan

Our daughter had been struggling with her school work for some years, and, as parents, we were beginning to worry that, if she did not receive extra tuition, she would not be able to catch up with her classmates and not be able to read and write.

She has been attending weekly sessions with Reg Palmer for just over twelve months, which has proved to be invaluable. Matilda’s progress is slow but evident.

She herself feels she has learned the most from the tuition she has received from Reg. I do not believe that she would have grasped the fundamentals of Reading and Writing and Grammar if she had not attended tuition, which would have impacted on her more as she progressed through the Upper Primary years.

Reg has always maintained faith in Matilda’s abilities which he transfers to her by being positive and celebrating her achievements and the progress she makes, at the pace she makes it.

If you feel that the school your chills attends can not provide the extra help your child needs to learn the basic skills, I would recommend tuition for your child with Reg Palmer , who maintains a child’s confidence and provides hope to them and their family.

Rowena James

My son presented to Reg Palmer, having been diagnosed with dyslexia, and had no recordable reading level at the first assessment.

Reg has taught him to blend sounds together to be able to sound out words, to break words into syllables, to be instructed in the rules of Spelling and Reading and to learn basic sight words.

My son’s ability to read has greatly improved in that he can now read fluently and with confidence and his comprehension of the written word has significantly improved.

It is with immense pleasure and confidence that I would recommend Reg Palmer to any parent who would like their child to learn and be successful in reading.

Roxanne Bridgman

I originally came to the Murraylands Education Centre (now six and a half years ago) to get a ‘heads up’ on Maths and English skills I would need for high school, as primary school was becoming easier by the day. Now that I am on the brink of entering Year 12, I can confidently say that the Murraylands Education Centre and its staff (Reg Palmer, Barbara Wegener and other tutors) have helped other students and me to overcome and even excel in our individual areas of learning difficulties. A definite recommendation for any school aged person who needs that little bit of extra help.

Jesse Budel, Murray Bridge