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Our Approach

Individualised Programme


Each student has a programme planned to suit his/her individual needs as indicated by the results of tests at the assessment. This is monitored each week after the session.

There is a maximum of three students per Tutor. This allows the Tutor to give adequate time to each student during the session.

Home Practice

We ask that Parents assist the student’s learning by ensuring that Home Practice is done. Our Programme focuses on teaching the BASICS in the subjects offered. The most important part of learning a skill is PRACTICE. This has to occur as often as possible. We will clearly explain at the assessment what we need you to do at home to help ensure this practice is done.

What do we teach?

Primary Levels:
We teach the basic concepts in Reading, Spelling, Writing and Mathematics. In Mathematics, we teach tables, number combinations, the four processes (plus, minus etc), number terms, the decimal system, fractions etc.

In Written Language, we cover the writing skills needed to write the various forms of prose.

Secondary Levels:
We focus on Writing essays. This involves the formation of a paragraph, and the writing of three types of essay. Learning the skills of proof-reading is an integral part of Writing.

ENGLISH:  For those who need this help, we focus on teaching how to write a paragraph, the use of dot points, examples that are adequate and inadequate, in writing the three main types of essays written by Secondary students. 

MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE: We teach all forms of Maths at Upper Secondary level (Years 10 -12). They are maths Studies, Specialist Maths, Maths Apps, as well as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  We focus on the Chapter being studied, by explaining clearly all the examples given, doing exercises for practice, and revising in the next session.


Face to Face

Our programme is based on ONE TO ONE teaching. We take the time to explain to the student each step, whether in Reading, Spelling, Writing or Mathematics.

We explain. We encourage. We use positive feedback . We reward a sound effort.

We guarantee better results at school.

Session Times

Sessions are once a week for 60 minutes.

There are three sessions available:

Littlehampton (Monday to Thursday)

  • 3-45pm to 4-45pm
  • 4-50pm to 5-50pm
  • 6-00pm to 7-00pm

Tranmere: ( from Term 4, 2015) Monday to Friday

As for Littlehampton above

Murray Bridge (Tuesday and Wednesday)

  • 3-40pm to 4-40pm
  • 4-45pm to 5-45pm
  • 5-50pm to 6-50pm