Our Approach

Each student has a programme planned to suit his/her individual needs...


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Free Assessments

We use the Tests in Reading and Spelling as used by most Child Psychologists as...


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How long does the Free assessment take?

I set aside one hour to do the Testing and then to spend time explaining the results to the parent. If we test Reading, Spelling and Maths, it will take longer.

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How long will my child need Tuition?

This will depend upon the results of the tests. The greater the deficit between the child’s reading Age/Spelling age and the child’s actual age will determine how long it will take for the child to catch up.

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What if my child needs help in more than one subject?

We tutor students (in the same session) in Reading and Spelling, or Spelling and Maths or just Maths. We also tutor in Handwriting, Written Language and Essay Writing (Secondary). We offer help with Science for Secondary students.

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Do you offer a discount for more than one student from a family?

Yes, and we also offer a free session if you recommend a student to us, and that student enrols.

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