Professional Tutoring from Years 2 to 12

We offer professional tutoring in Reading, Spelling, Written Language, Handwriting and Mathematics. Now situated in Littlehampton and Murray Bridge, we offer ONE-ONE, FACE-FACE Tuition for students.

  • Is your child not achieving their class level at school?
  • Would your child’s schoolwork and confidence benefit from some extra help?
  • Could better reading, spelling and maths skills help them achieve stronger grades?

We can bridge these gaps, help your child catch-up and have greater self-confidence!
The following pages will give you an insight into our programme, the resources and methods that we use and the Personnel in our Centres.    Our Centres are specially designed to be UNIQUE, SPECIAL and WELCOMING.  We encourage – We motivate – We teach - We care.

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Our Approach

Each student has a programme planned to suit his/her individual needs...


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Parent's Testimonials

Check the testimonials to see what current parents have experienced...


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Free Assessments

We use the Tests in Reading and Spelling as used by most Child Psychologists as...


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Unsure where we are, check out our locations...


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